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CZ Bridal Cluster Earrings Clip On or Pierced Celine

CZ Bridal Cluster Earrings Clip On Celine are WeddingJewelryDesigns Fabulous CZ Bridal Cluster Earrings Clip on or Pierced. These pretty Earrings are Filled with clusters of Marquise-cut cubic zirconia gems. These Dazzling earrings are the perfect Accessory for any bridal dress or special occasion. You can order these for clip on earrings or pierced.. Dazzling and gorgeous, these beautiful earrings are more than stylish. Size: Length: 1.25”, Width:...

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Couture Bridal Headpiece Wedding Jewelry Julissa |

Bridal Headpiece This is Julissa, our Bridal Headpiece. This is the Hardest Bridal Jewelry and Accessory to keep in Stock, it’s one of the most Astoundingly Gorgeous pieces to ever come into the Bridal Jewelry World! With Vintage Couture Bridal Styling, Ornate Crystal Leaves Accenting the Side Crystal Wedding Headpiece, the Astonishment on your Groom’s face and the “Drop Dead” looks on your guest’s faces can’t be realized until you wear this Antique Crystal Bridal Headpiece with it’s Fantastic Ornamentation! Wedding Jewelry This is the most glorious, vintage elegant Wedding Jewelry and Excitement you could wear in your hair as a bride, and might be the only bridal jewelry you need.. well, maybe a...

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Vintage Inspired Bridal Jewelry | CZ Art Deco Dangle Bridal Earrings Tessa

Vintage Inspired Bridal Jewelry These CZ Bridal Earrings are vintage inspired bridal jewelry. Their design elements stem directly from the Art Deco Design period. They’re quite pretty and authentic in their vintage styling and design. These Art Deco CZ Bridal Earrings look just like diamond earrings from the 1920’s – 1930’s. Dangle Bridal Earrings CZ Art Deco Bridal Earring Tessa is one of our newest Dangle Bridal Earrings. This is a vintage inspired bridal earring, a bridal earring with a 1¼” drop. It has brilliant CZ’s in the center, surrounded by vintage bezels on the additional cz’s surrounding the center gem. The earrings are silver rhodium plated. These are Affordable Bridal Earrings and they...

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Antique Round CZ Bridal Earring Angelina | Cubic Zirconia Bridesmaid Earrings

Round CZ Bridal Earring This is Our Antique Round CZ Bridal Earring, Angelina . With a 1″ Drop, these Striking antique bridal earrings feature a stunning cushion-cut cubic zirconia, trimmed all around the setting with smaller cubic zirconia crystals. A lovely pair of cubic zirconium earrings which are the perfect accessory for any elegant occasion. These dangle wedding earrings are the end, and will be the envy of all your friends.. so consider these art deco bridal earrings for your bridesmaid...

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CZ Art Deco Drop Bridesmaid Earrings Tessa | Vintage Inspired Wedding Jewelry

Vintage Inspired Wedding Jewelry With their Art Deco Styling, these earrings are vintage inspired wedding jewelry. They’re exceptionally pretty on, and their vintage styling and design is stunning. These Art Deco Cubic Zirconia Earrings look just like vintage diamond earrings from the 1920’s- 1930’s Art Deco Period. Drop Bridesmaid Earrings CZ Art Deco Bridesmaid Drop Earring Tessa is one of our newest Bridesmaid Earrings. This is a vintage inspired drop Bridesmaid Earring, that measures a 1¼” drop. It has brilliant Cubic Zirconias in the center stone. The center stones are surrounded by more cz’s in bezel settings, which surround the center gem. The earrings are silver rhodium plated. These are Very Affordable Bridesmaid Earrings....

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Best Selling CZ Bridal Teardrop Earring Jacqui | Cubic Zirconia Pear Shape Earrings

Best Selling CZ Bridal Teardrop Earring! This is Our Best Selling CZ Bridal Teardrop Earring Jacqui. These earrings are Gorgeous! and they, along with Jaqueline, are our best selling Pear Shape Bridal Teardrop Earring, and everyone who has purchased them raves and raves about them. Dangle Bridal Earrings The Sparkle doesn’t stop with this CZ Bridal Earring. The earrings are silver rhodium plated, making them carefree, and ultra shiny. Rhodium plated jewelry from the 50’s still looks brand new!. These Pear Shaped Cubic Zirconia earrings are 1 1/4″ h with a shimmering pave frame. Despite their delicate size, these teardrop earrings will glisten beautifully. They are gorgeous bridal earrings and make splendid gifts for...

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