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Swarovski Crystal Bridal Tiara Zizi | Crystal Bridal Headpiece

Zizi Crystal Bridal Tiara

Product Information

Order Zizi Crysral Tiara 1 @ $100.00

Crystal Bridal Tiara

Our Crystal Bridal Tiara Zizi is made of Swarovski Crystals, and is lovely and demure. Zizi is understated as Tiaras go, yet lets everyone know that YOU are the Bride. This Crystal Bridal Tiara will sparkle atop your head, and draw everyone’s eyes on you. It will look so pretty, and you’ll feel like the belle of the ball just putting it on, practicing for your wedding!

Bridal Headpiece

This Bridal Headpiece could easily be worn again to special functions, as it is primarily crystals, and just a sprinkling of rhinestones. There is a bit of charming silver leaf detail as well. It’s a modern Tiara, with a floral arrangement, and a classic bride as well as a modern bride will feel equally perfect in this bridal headpiece.

Crystal Tiara

Sparkling and modern, this crystal tiara is a stunning floral arrangement of swarovski crystals, rhinestones, and charming silver leaf details. Perfect for the modern or classic bride. The ornamented portion of the tiara band measures 7″ wide and 1″ high at the central peak. There are two loops that allow you to securely fasten it in your hair with bobby pins.

Size: 7″ wide x 1″ tall

5 / 5 stars     
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