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Penelope Pearl Cuff Bracelet | Beach Wedding Jewelry

Penelope Pearl Cuff Bracelet

Product Information

Order Penelope Cuff Bracelet 1 @ $74.00

Beach Wedding Jewelry

Our Beach Wedding Jewelry Bracelet Penelope is a most Stunning Pearl Cuff Bracelet. This Bracelet is so pretty, You’ll wear it everywhere you go! It will become one of your favorite accessories for summer wear long after your Wedding.

Cuff Bracelet

Made With So many Small Freshwater Pearls, it’s Impossible to Count the Number of Creamy Little Pearls. This 2″ Wide Cuff Bracelet is Perfect for as a Destination Bridal Bracelet and the Perfect Bracelet to Wear with our Veronica Pearl Beach Wedding Necklace. This is a Wonderful Bracelet for any Summer Wedding.

Pearl Beach Wedding Jewelry

This Pearl Beach Wedding Bracelet is just Elegant. You only need to Wear this one Piece of Jewelry on your Arm and a simple pair of Earrings, and You’re Dressed…. And You will Look Elegant and Casually Dressed for your Destination Wedding!

This Beautiful Pearl Cuff Bracelet comes as Shown.

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