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Pearl Bridal Necklaces

The Luster of Pearl Bridal Necklaces suits a Bride Perfectly! Come browse the selections that Wedding Jewelry Designs has to offer. We have freshwater bridal necklaces, Swarovski pearl bridal necklaces, and a mixture of CZ and Crystals with Pearls. We know you'll find a wedding necklace you just have to wear! Wedding Collars, Wedding Chokers, etc.
Raquel Pearl and CZ Bridal Necklace

Raquel Pearl and CZ Bridal Necklace

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Unique Venus Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace

Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace A Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace! What could be more lovely for a bridal necklace? Nothing is more lovely on a bride than pearl jewelry. This necklace is stupendous, with freshwater pearls and crystals. There is every shape freshwater pearl imaginable in this bridal choker necklace. It’s a one of a kind, and each necklace we make with this design is very special. It’s become one of our most favored bridal choker necklaces, over many of our crystal and pearl wedding necklaces. This necklace is wonderful when you have a strapless gown.. Imagine how beautiful you’ll look in it! Unique Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Bridal Necklace Venus is the Most Spectacular...

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Pearl and CZ Bridal Necklace Raquel

Pearl and CZ Bridal Necklace Raquel is an Outstanding Pearl and CZ Bridal Necklace. This exquisite necklace features wonderfully lustrous 10mm and 8mm ivory pearls. the Pearls extend all the way to the clasp, and cover the clasp, hiding it.. This necklace measures 16″ in length and has a silver rhodium clasp that looks like white gold. We also sell Raquel as a Full Bridal Jewelry Set, and the Matching Earrings and Bracelet Separately. This is a Great Bridal Jewelry Set that you can order “Your Way!” This Necklace Arrives as Shown, No customizations...

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Fantasia Keishi Pearl Bridal Necklace

PEARL BRIDAL NECKLACE Fantasia is a Stunning Pearl Bridal Necklace made with Huge Cornflake Keishi Pearls and Garnets. Each Pearl is Hand-wrapped with Sterling Silver Wire and 3 Garnets, Over-wrapped Again and Again Until it Looks Just Right! Each Pearl takes almost 6″ of Sterling Silver Wire to complete! Fantasia is one of our new Bridal Necklace Designs. It was Custom Designed for a Beach Bride taking her Vows in Tahiti. We Used Garnets to set off the Tropical Red and Orange Flowers that this bride wore in Her Hair. The same red Tropical flowers were also used the Centerpieces. This is a detail photo of our handcrafted necklace, for you to see the...

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Petite Eloise Bridal Illusion Necklace | Floating Bridal Necklace

Bridal Illusion Necklace Petite Eloise is a bridal illusion necklace.  It’s a Perfectly Demure Necklace. It’s our most Delicate Bridal Necklace, and Just Lovely. It’s made with Groupings of Crystals and Pearls. This Necklace Look Perfect with Just About Any Dress.  It’s Even Prettier When worn together with our other Matching Necklace the Eloise Necklace, as seen in the photo Below. Floating Bridal Necklace Necklaces made like this are often called “Floating Necklaces” as the beads seem to float on air. No one will see the illusion cord.. just the pearls and crystals. Customize this Necklace CLICK for FREE SWAROVSKI SAMPLE...

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Eloise Pearl and Crystal Bridal Necklace

Dainty Bridal Necklace Eloise is a Dainty Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Bridal Necklace that Could be Worn by a Bride, a Bridesmaid or Even a Flower Girl.  It’s a Lovely Necklace to Grace a Brides Throat, and the Essence of a Delicate Bridal Necklace. Worn with Our Petite Eloise Bridal Necklace, it’s Even Prettier. Custom Bridal Jewelry Tell us if you’d like this to be your Bridal Choker, Collar or another Length in Your Special Instructions and when we Handcraft this Custom Bridal Jewelry for you, it will be Made to Your Specifications.  It can also be ordered with Color Accents. With Swarovski Color Crystals, the Sky’s the Limit on Combinations and Customizing your Wedding Jewelry....

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Roxanne 10mm Double Stranded Classic Pearl Necklace | Pearl Bridal Accessory

Classic Pearl Bridal Necklace A Classic Double Stranded Huge 10mm Pearl Necklace made of Swarovski Pearls and Swarovski Crystals is a Wonderful Bridal Accessory. This Beautiful Faux Pearl Necklace is such a Classic, it will become a Welcomed Piece of Jewelry in your Wardrobe each time you look for the “right” piece of jewelry when you go out someplace special. It’s exactly what a Princess like Grace Kelley or Princess Diana would have worn. Kate Middleton must have something just like this in her Jewelry Closet! It’s Jewelry that will Be Worn Over and Over Again. It’s the Classic Pearl Bridal Necklace, and Just Lovely to Wear. It’s Made with Large 10mm Swarovski Pearls,...

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Priya Pearl Bridal Collar | Wedding Necklace Collar

PEARL BRIDAL COLLAR PRIYA Priya is an Incomparable Pearl Bridal Collar. It’s the Ultimate in Unique, Class, Elegance and Designer Bridal Jewelry. If you’re looking for something truly Unique and Elegant, this is a Unique Wedding Necklace for you. The Pearls Gleam with Perfection and this is classic Pearl Bridal Jewelry. You’ll wear this Pearl Bridal Collar a Thousand times after Your Wedding. Your Groom Will Look at You Adoringly, as the Pearls Cast Light and Frame Your Lovely Face.  As Pearl Bridal Jewelry and Bridal Accessories Go, This Piece is a Winner! You Couldn’t ask for a prettier Pearl Bridal Necklace! Couture Wedding Jewelry This Couture Wedding Jewelry features Two Sizes of Swarovski...

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Amanda Seed Pearl Bridal Necklace | Princess Pearl Wedding Necklace

Pearl Bridal Necklace Amanda is a Delicate Pearl Bridal Necklace. This lovely elegant necklace will frame any young woman or girl’s face, be it a flower girl, bridesmaid or the bride herself. This Perfect Pearl Necklace is made of natural ivory colored freshwater seed pearls. It measures 15¼” and sits right at the throat. 2″ extensions are available if necessary. This Necklace can be Customized by the adding Larger Pearls or Swarovski Crystals of any Shape, color or Size, Substituted for the Pearls that Join the Swags. This Is a Princess Style Pearl Necklace. The delicacy of this necklace is really pretty and makes a perfect Wedding Necklace. This is a romantic bridal necklace,...

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Diana Freshwater Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace | Bridal Necklace

Diana Freshwater Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace This Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace is Lovely and a Romantic Bridal Jewelry Look. If you want vintage inspired wedding jewelry, this might just be the perfect necklace for you! Diana Pearl Bridal Necklace This is A Pearl Bridal Necklace, a Pearl Choker, Just Like Princess Diana Wore. She wore it with either a pearl or turquoise clasp, many many times. She often wore the clasp in the back, or in front, depending upon her outfit for the day. This Pearl Necklace has Four Strands of small Freshwater Pearls With Sterling Silver Separators. Romantic Bridal Necklace This is a Romantic Bridal Necklace. It’s a freshwater pearl necklace, and nothing...

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Pearl Bridal Choker | Pearl Wedding Jewelry | Bridal Necklace Fern

Freshwater Pearl Bridal Choker Fern Freshwater Pearl Bridal Choker is One of Our Most Romantic Pearl Bridal Necklaces – by Wedding Jewelry Designs. We’re Constantly Receiving Calls About this Beautiful Necklace! Woven With Small Pearls and 6mm Austrian Swarovski Cut Crystals, This Crystal and Pearl Necklace is a Traditional, Vintage Inspired Pearl Bridal Necklace. We have other More Contemporary Wedding Necklaces in Crystals and Pearls for the Modern Bride. Pearl Wedding Jewelry Bridal Necklace This Bridal Necklace Has Just Enough Romance and Sparkle to Have Everyone’s Eyes On You, and Make Your Eyes Sparkle that Much More Brightly – Well, After All, It Is Your Wedding Day! We Love Pearl Wedding Jewelry on Brides!...

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Romantic Pearl Bridal Collar Celeste

WOVEN PEARL BRIDAL COLLAR CELESTE One of Our More Fantastic Pearl Bridal Necklaces is our Woven Celeste Pearl Bridal Collar. It’s got Fantastic Texture in it’s Woven Pattern and a Collar Necklace Compliments Many Styles of Wedding Gowns. Celeste is Romantic Bridal Jewelry. And Pearl Wedding Jewelry is Always a Lovely Choice of Jewelry for a Bride. It is so Unique and Unusual that Your Guests will Talk About How You Looked For Years After Your Wedding. And, You’ll get to Wear it After the Wedding, on Your Honeymoon and Forever After. If you’re looking for a romantic look, this may be the romantic bridal jewelry you want! Custom Order a Pearl Bridal Necklace...

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Veronica Freshwater Pearl Wedding Necklace | Pearl Bridal Choker | Pearl Necklace

Wedding Necklace Veronica This Pearl Choker, with 5 Strands of Natural Freshwater Pearls Will Enhance any Bride. Veronica is a Stunning Pearl Wedding Necklace. Worn with any Drop Pearl Earring, a Pearl Choker Necklace Might be the Only Piece of Wedding Jewelry You need. This Multi-Strand Wedding Necklace is Simple, Classic and Elegant. It’s Bridal Jewelry that You’ll Wear After the Wedding many times with fond memories. It’s Stunning! It’s a very pretty Handmade Necklace! You can easily twist this necklace into a Pearl Torsade for a More Formal Look. See the Photos! If you’re looking for Bridesmaid Gifts, or Gifts for the Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom, this Pearl...

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Allegra Freshwater Coin Pearl Bridal Lariat Necklace | Bridal Necklace

Coin Pearl Bridal Lariat Necklace Hand-Linked Freshwater Pearls Alternate with Oval Sterling Silver Links to Create a Gorgeous Chain, and an Adjustable Coin Pearl Bridal Lariat Necklace. At the Ends 3 Large and Beautiful Freshwater Coin Pearls Dangle From the S Hook Clasp, and The Coin Pearls Can be Worn in The Front or in The Back of Your Gown. This Necklace is Just Beautiful and Has the Classic Beauty of Freshwater Pearl Bridal Jewelry. This is One of Our Favorite Bridal Necklaces Because of How Easy it is To Wear and how much use you’ll get after your wedding. You can put the coin pearl dangles in the front or in the back!....

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Pearl Wedding Necklace Danielle | Bridesmaid Necklace | Bridal Jewelry

Wedding Necklace and Bridesmaid Necklace Our Wedding Necklace and Bridesmaid Necklace Danielle is just lovely! Danielle, a Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Necklace is a Most Popular Bridesmaid Necklace and Bridesmaid Gift.  A Pearl Necklace is a Classic Worn by a Woman of Any Age.  This Freshwater Pearl Bridal Jewelry is Romantic, yet Modern and Sets off Any Dress Worn any time of Day or Night.  Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Make a Bridesmaid Jewelry Set by adding Our Danielle Earrings and Bracelet to this pretty Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace. Pearl Bridal Necklace This Pearl Bridal Necklace is Accented by Colored Swarovski Crystals to Match your Wedding Color and Theme.  The Pearls and Swarovski Crystals Create this Lovely Patterned Pearl...

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