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Beach Wedding Jewelry

Our Beach Wedding Jewelry is Nature Inspired, and/or Made with Natural Materials, like Freshwater Pearls, Gemstones and Sea Shells. Our Destination Wedding Jewelry for Beach Brides and Bridal Parties has an Informal, Low- Key Feeling



Lotus Bridal Necklace for Destination Wedding

Our Lotus Bridal Necklace for Destination Wedding is Perfection! This handmade, hand-sewn Necklace is made with Freshwater Pearls and Mother of Pearl Elements. Just looking at it makes you think of exotic faraway places… and the blue sea… If you’re in need of a Necklace for a Destination Wedding, or Beach Wedding Jewelry, This is a Perfect Look for you to consider. Mother of Pearl Bridal Jewelry will look right at home wherever you’re taking your vows.. This beautiful wedding necklace has a floral motif and is adjustable from 16″-18″. It also has a plunging neckline with a trio of mother of pearl flowers that fall an additional 3 1/4″ at the center. The...

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Lauren Pearl Drop Bridal Earrings | Triple Drop Pear Pearl Bridal Earring

Freshwater Pearl Drop Bridal Earrings What Amazing Drop Bridal Earrings Our Lauren is! This Unique Pearl Teardrop Bridal Earring is Elegant Jewelry. With 3 Huge Teardrop Shaped Freshwater Pearls, Lauren Gleams and Glows as Fine Pearl Jewelry Should. These Pearl Bridal Earrings are Extraordinarily Beautiful. The Pearls We Chose for this Earring are Huge, and Very Beautiful. I looked long and hard to find such these special Pear shaped pearls. They are often referred to as Teardrop Shape, Briolette Shaped Pearls, but I think Pear Shaped really describes them best. Formal Pearl Bridal Earrings These Pearl Earrings were designed as Elegant Formal Pearl Bridal Earrings, and we believe that we succeeded. Three (3) Drop...

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Leilani Pearl Starfish Beach Wedding Earrings | Beach Wedding Earring

Starfish Beach Wedding Earrings Leilani Starfish Beach Wedding Earrings are the Perfect Pearl Earring! These Handmade Pearl Earrings are Made from Tiny Freshwater Pearls and Crystals and are Shaped like Small Starfish. They Sparkle and Glow with the Tiny Pearls, like they came right out of the Ocean. They’re unique and you can order them in Gold or Silver. Pearl Bridal Jewelry for Beach Wedding Jewelry Imagine Yourself Wearing These Handmade Bridal Earrings at Your Beach Wedding, on Your Honeymoon and then When you Get Home, they’ll Likely become your favorite Everyday Pearl Earrings. You can never go wrong wearing Pearl Bridal Jewelry as Wedding Accessories for Beach Wedding Jewelry. Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Earrings...

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Portia Pearl Bridal Chandelier Earrings | Coin Pearl Bridal Earrings

Coin Pearl Bridal Chandelier Earrings Portia are Incredible Freshwater Coin Pearl Bridal Chandelier Earrings. These Bridal Chandelier Earrings are the Ultimate in Designer Bridal Jewelry. These are the Perfect Destination Wedding Earrings! Made from Large Freshwater Coin Pearls, these Wedding Earrings are a Knockout! These Earrings are Some of our most asked about Bridal Accessories. Portia Earrings are Exactly the Right Length for Chandelier Earrings. And, as Handcrafted Pearl Bridal Earrings they are one of the most Elegant Earrings we Show. Pearl Bridal Chandelier Earrings These Pearl Bridal Chandelier Earrings are Made on a Base of Sterling Silver Chain. They’re as Light as a Feather to Wear and You’ll Wear these Earrings as Fine...

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Unique Venus Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace

Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace A Pearl Bridal Choker Necklace! What could be more lovely for a bridal necklace? Nothing is more lovely on a bride than pearl jewelry. This necklace is stupendous, with freshwater pearls and crystals. There is every shape freshwater pearl imaginable in this bridal choker necklace. It’s a one of a kind, and each necklace we make with this design is very special. It’s become one of our most favored bridal choker necklaces, over many of our crystal and pearl wedding necklaces. This necklace is wonderful when you have a strapless gown.. Imagine how beautiful you’ll look in it! Unique Freshwater Pearl & Crystal Bridal Necklace Venus is the Most Spectacular...

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Veronica Freshwater Pearl Beach Wedding Necklace | Pearl Beach Wedding Jewelry

Beach Wedding Necklace For a Beach Wedding Necklace, a Natural Look is Best. This Pearl Bridal Choker with 5 Strands of Natural Freshwater Pearls Will be the perfect look. Match it with a Simple Pearl Earring, and you’ll be dressed alluringly and beautifully. You’ll have that unstudied air of nonchalance that a beach bride should have. This Pearl Choker Necklace Might be the Only Piece of Wedding Jewelry You need to Wear, and you’ll go to this necklace over and over again after your wedding day. This Multi-Strand Bridal Choker Necklace is Simple yet a Classic Pearl Necklace. After your wedding, maybe even on your honeymoon, twist this necklace into a Pearl Torsade for...

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Fantasia Keishi Pearl Bridal Necklace

PEARL BRIDAL NECKLACE Fantasia is a Stunning Pearl Bridal Necklace made with Huge Cornflake Keishi Pearls and Garnets. Each Pearl is Hand-wrapped with Sterling Silver Wire and 3 Garnets, Over-wrapped Again and Again Until it Looks Just Right! Each Pearl takes almost 6″ of Sterling Silver Wire to complete! Fantasia is one of our new Bridal Necklace Designs. It was Custom Designed for a Beach Bride taking her Vows in Tahiti. We Used Garnets to set off the Tropical Red and Orange Flowers that this bride wore in Her Hair. The same red Tropical flowers were also used the Centerpieces. This is a detail photo of our handcrafted necklace, for you to see the...

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Penelope Pearl Cuff Bracelet | Beach Wedding Jewelry

Beach Wedding Jewelry Our Beach Wedding Jewelry Bracelet Penelope is a most Stunning Pearl Cuff Bracelet. This Bracelet is so pretty, You’ll wear it everywhere you go! It will become one of your favorite accessories for summer wear long after your Wedding. Cuff Bracelet Made With So many Small Freshwater Pearls, it’s Impossible to Count the Number of Creamy Little Pearls. This 2″ Wide Cuff Bracelet is Perfect for as a Destination Bridal Bracelet and the Perfect Bracelet to Wear with our Veronica Pearl Beach Wedding Necklace. This is a Wonderful Bracelet for any Summer Wedding. Pearl Beach Wedding Jewelry This Pearl Beach Wedding Bracelet is just Elegant. You only need to Wear this...

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Misty Beach Wedding Necklace | Destination Beach Wedding Pearl Jewelry

Beach Wedding Necklace What a Lovely Beach Wedding Necklace Misty is For a Beach Bride! Destination Wedding, Here We Come! Mother of Pearl Shells, Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski Crystals Entwine Together and Form a Lovely Look that Feels like You’re On the Beach Even Before You Get There! Just Perfect for Beach Jewelry. This is a Multi-Strand Wedding Necklace You’ll Wear Over and Over Again After The Wedding Is Over Too. Pearl Beach Bridal Jewelry Remember that Pearls Come from the Water, so you might want to Wear Pearl Beach Bridal Jewelry for a natural and uncomplicated effect. 3 Strands Entwine to Create This Destination Necklace. One Strand is Just Swarovski Crystals, in a...

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Ellie Keishi Pearl Beach Wedding Bracelet | Beach Bridal Bracelet

Pearl Beach Wedding Bracelet Ellie is a Favorite Beach Wedding Bracelet. This Pearl Bridal Bracelet is a Designer Pearl and Crystal Cuff. It’s Handcrafted with large Keishi Pearls and Swarovski Crystals, with 4 Strands. The Pearls in this Bracelet are large Natural Keishi (Cornflake) Pearls, interspersed with small Swarovski Crystals for a bit of sparkle. The Cuff Effect makes this bracelet have the perfect look for Beach Wedding Jewelry. This Lovely Pearl Bracelet has a Romantic Style. Summer Wedding Bracelet It’s also a Great Pearl Bracelet for a Summer Wedding. This Romantic Bridal Bracelet could be worn almost anywhere after your Wedding. It will become one of your favorite pieces of jewelry… a go-to...

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Sydney Triple Strand Crystal Wedding Bracelet | Sparkling Crystal Bridal Jewelry

Crystal Wedding Bracelet Three (3) Distinct Patterns In Crystal, Each On A Separate Strand Creates The Sydney Triple Strand Crystal Wedding Bracelet , And It’s A True Sparkler! It’s A Standout As A Bridesmaid Gift, Or A Special Treat For Just Your Maid Of Honor; You Might choose to Give Your Bridesmaids a Single Or Double Stranded Crystal Bracelet. You can special order any of our Bridal Accessories, or custom order them as you’d like them to arrive. Imagine This Bridal Bracelet Customized In Your Wedding Colors! Just Stunning, Isn’t It? Don’t You Want One Of These Multi-Stranded Bracelets For Yourself To Wear On Your Honeymoon? Customize this Crystal Bracelet CLICK for FREE SWAROVSKI...

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Allegra Coin Pearl Beach Bridal Necklace | Beach Wedding Jewelry

Coin Pearl Beach Wedding Jewelry Hand-Linked Freshwater Pearls Alternate with Oval Sterling Silver Links to Create a Gorgeous Chain, and an Adjustable Coin Pearl Bridal Necklace. Allegra is lovely Beach Wedding Jewelry, and a great Summer Wedding Necklace. 3 Large and Beautiful Freshwater Coin Pearls Dangle From the ends of a Sterling Silver S Hook Clasp. and The Coin Pearls Can be Worn in The Front or in The Back of Your Gown. This Necklace is Just Beautiful and Lends a Classic Beauty When Worn. This is One of Our Favorite Beach Bridal Necklaces Because of How Easy it is To Wear. Freshwater Pearl Bridal Jewelry is Wearable with Just About Every...

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Pearl Beach Wedding Jewelry | Pearl & Crystal Starfish Earrings Nani

Pearl Beach Wedding Jewelry With Natural Pearls and Crystals, Nani are our Handmade Starfish Earrings and Fabulous Pearl Beach Wedding Jewelry. These Bridesmaid Starfish Earrings have Freshwater Pearls and Swarovski Crystals in a Full Array of Natural Pearl Colors and Natural Organic Sand Colors in the Swarovski Crystals we Chose.. This Pearl Bridal Earring looks just like a Starfish. It’s Unique, and another New Creative Bridal Earring from the Jewelry Designers here at Wedding Jewelry Designs. Nani is the More Colorful Pearl Bridal Earring, similar to our Leilani Freshwater Pearl and Crystal Starfish Beach Wedding Earring. Bridesmaid Starfish Earrings This is Perfect Bridesmaids Beach Wedding Jewelry if You are wearing Leilani Pearl Bridal Jewelry...

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Addison Coin Pearl Beach Bridal Earrings | Pearl Beach Weddding Jewelry

Coin Pearl Beach Bridal Earrings What Could Be Prettier Than 2 Coin Pearls Dangling as Beach Bridal Earrings? Our Addison Pearl Bridal Earrings are Made From Two (2) 13mm Freshwater Coin Pearls Hanging From Sterling Silver Chains. These Earrings Will Dance the night away with you, moving with Every Step you make. Coin Pearls are Freshwater Pearls, and these are Particularly Beautiful Informal Pearl Beach Wedding Earring This Handcrafted Earring is Perfect as a Pearl Beach Wedding Earring.. Perfect due to it’s Simplicity and Elegance. It’s Informal and Still Classic. There’s Nothing like Freshwater Pearl Earrings to Enhance a Wedding Gown or Dress, no Matter how Simple or Elaborate. When you Dress Up for...

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Savanna Triple Strand Natural Pearl Bridal Bracelet

Natural Pearl Bridal Bracelet Savanna is a Lovely Natural Pearl Bridal Bracelet which has 3 Strands of Beautiful Freshwater Natural Pearls. Caitlin, it’s sister bracelet, is the Bridesmaid Bracelet which has 1 Strand of the Same Beautiful Pearls and Sterling Silver Accents. As wedding accessories go, and a bridesmaids gift, nothing is as lovely as a gift of fine jewelry that will last forever and which can be often worn. This Pearl Bracelet is just that! A Delicate Pearl Bridal or Bridesmaid Bracelet that you will love, as will your Bridesmaids should you choose this as their bridesmaid gift. We can also custom make this lovely bridal bracelet with as many strands as you’d...

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