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Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Lili with Pave CZ Balls

Bridesmaid Set Lili

Product Information

Order Pearl and CZ Pave Ball Bridesamaid Set Lili 1 @ $100.00

Our CZ Ball and Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Lili is Outstanding as a Bridesmaid Set. This Pearl and CZ Jewelry Set Features CZ Mico-Pave Balls and Pearls. This Set is Classic Jewelry, updated with the CZ Micro-Pave Balls. Every Bridal Magazine is now showing Jewelry with Pave CZ Balls, so your Wedding Party Jewelry Sets will look very Fashionable!

The 7″ Double Row Ivory Pearl Bracelet has 5mm Pearls and CZ Balls, equally interspersed among the pearls. The 5mm Pearl and 8mm CZ Earrings are Drop Earrings, and we know you’ll be wearing these over and over again!

Each of these Pearl and CZ Bridesmaid Accessories is Available Separately too. We have the Matching Lili Earrings and Lili Pearl Bracelet. There’s also a Matching Lili Pearl and CZ Necklace. If you’re looking for Bridal Jewelry Set that includes the Necklace, we sell that too.

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