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Pearl Beach Bridal Bracelet Veronica | Beach Bridal Jewelry Bracelet

Veronica 9 Strand Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Product Information

Order Veronica 9 Strand Pearl Bracelet 1 @ $100.00

Freshwater Pearl Beach Bridal Bracelet

Our Beach Bridal Bracelet Veronica is a Handmade Freshwater Pearl Bracelet that You’ ll Love Wearing with Everything, Not just with your Wedding Gown. You’re going to find that it’s hard to take this Bracelet off! This Pretty Pearl Bracelet has 9 Strands of Lustrous tiny Baroque Pearls. It’s a Particularly Wonderful Choice as a Destination Wedding Bracelet. It will look great with a more Informal Wedding Gown.

Beach Wedding Jewelry

We always suggest Pearl Bracelets for Beach Wedding Jewelry. We love the rich look you’ll get from this bracelet with all of the strands. There’s a real delicacy to this bracelet too. The delicacy and romanticism of this bracelet comes from the tiny pearls. There is a matching Veronica Necklace

veronica freshwater pearl necklace

veronica freshwater pearl necklace

. If you choose this Handmade Bridal Necklace and Earring, You’ve put together one of our favorite Pearl Bridal Jewelry Sets!

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