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Gia 5 Strand Swarovski Pearl Bridal Bracelet

Gia 5 Strand Swarovski Bridal Bracelet

Product Information

Order Gia 5 Strand Bridal Bracelet 1 @ $54.00

Pearl Cuff Bridal Bracelet

Pia Rhinestone & Pearl Earrings

Pia Rhinestone & Pearl Earrings

Gia is a Swarovski Pearl Bridal Bracelet with 5 Strands of Pearls, Each one Different from the Next. This Creates a Great Textural and Interesting Cuff Bracelet Effect. It’s a Wonderful Bridal Accessory or Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift, and as Part of a Bridesmaid Jewelry Set or Bridal Jewelry Set, Looks Great with Just About any other Pearl Jewelry in our Catalog. Pair it with a Simple Pearl and CZ Earring, Like Pia, and You’ve Got a Stunning Combination.

Pair This Pearl Cuff Bracelet With One of Our Bridal Collars or Chokers, Like Priya, Roxanne or Celeste, and again, You have Stunning Wedding Jewelry!

Priya Pearl Bridal Collar Necklace

Priya Pearl Bridal Collar Necklace

Pearl Bracelets for Brides

Pearl Bracelets for Brides are Such a Perfect Accessory, It’s almost as If they were Invented to be worn by a Bride… We Have a Very Nice Selection of Pearl Bracelets for Brides and Bridesmaids, and we’re always adding more Designs and Styles to Our Catalog. Many of Our Custom Orders become Standard Styles and Designs that we Offer to You. As Designer Bridal Jewelry Goes, Wedding Jewelry Designs is Always on top of the Trends and Fashions. Look to Us to Lead in Design.

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