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Ellie Keishi Pearl Bridal Bracelet

Ellie Keishi Pearl 4 Strand Bridal Bracelet

Product Information

Order Ellie Keishi Pearl 4 Strand Bridal Bracelet 1 @ $80.00

Pearl Bridal Bracelet

Perhaps Our Most Ordered Pearl Bridal Bracelet is Ellie, a Designer Pearl and Crystal Cuff Bridal Bracelet. This is Beautiful Handcrafted Keishi Pearl Bridal Jewelry, and the Pearls in this Bracelet are Wonderful, Natural Keishi (Cornflake) Pearls, interspersed with Swarovski Crystals. There are 4 Strands in all and this is the Perfect Beach Wedding Jewelry to Wear for as Destination Wedding Jewelry. This Lovely Pearl Bracelet has a Romantic feeling as well as a Modern Look.

Pearl Contemporary Go-to Bracelet

It’s also a Great Everyday Pearl Bracelet. This Romantic Bridal Jewelry could be worn almost anywhere and we know you’ll be wearing this bracelet all the time! This is a Handcrafted Pearl Bracelet that Anyone Could Wear for Formal Weddings or Just Around Town!

Ellie 4 Strand Keishi Pearl & Crystal Bridal Bracelet

Ellie 4 Strand Keishi Pearl & Crystal Bridal Bracelet

Pearl Bridal Jewelry

It’s such a Pretty Bracelet, and this multi stranded Pearl Cuff will be Worn Over and Over Again, becoming a Favorite Piece of Everyday Jewelry . You’ll get years of wear from this pearl bracelet, after wearing it as your Pearl Bridal Jewelry..

Handcrafted Wedding Jewelry

As a Handcrafted Wedding Jewelry, It’s Unique and shows your personal style, You may personalize this Wedding Bracelet by changing the color of the crystals interspersed between the pearls. You might want us to just sprinkle in a few crystals with color, or you might ask us to add a rainbow or color… It’s your wedding, and we’ll make your jewelry however you’d like it to be! Give us your instructions!

Summer Pearl Jewelry

As Pearl Jewelry, this Pearl Cuff will look wonderful against your tanned skin. White Freshwater pearl Bridal Jewelry is always beautiful on Tanned Skin! We have several Keishi Pearl Necklaces, Studded with Semi Precious Gemstones, that would look splendid together with this Pearl Bracelet, or we can always make a matching pearl and crystal necklace for you.

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