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Couture Swarovski Crystal Bridal Tiara Summer | Stunning Wedding Jewelry

Summer doesn't stop Sparkling...

Product Information

Order Swarovski Crystal Bridal Tiara Summer 1 @ $120.00
Summer Swarovski Crystal Bridal Tiara Headband

Summer Swarovski Crystal Bridal Tiara Headband

Crystal Bridal Tiara

This is Summer, a Dazzling Crystal Bridal Tiara, filled with Swarovski Crystals. Wedding Jewelry Designs’ Crystal Bridal Headpiece with it’s Fantastic Ornamentation will Sparkle and Add Lots and Lots of Glamor to Your Special Day!

Wedding Jewelry

Summer is Just Lovely, Beautiful Wedding Jewelry, with Lots of Sparkle and Excitement you can wear in your hair as a bride. Add a pair of Swarovski Bridal Earrings, or CZ earrings to complement it, And You’re Perfect.

This is quite fabulous, with dense layers of Swarovski crystals and rhinestones. Perfect for a classic wedding. The ornamented portion of the piece measures 8″ wide and 1-1/4″ tall, and the piece ends with small loops to help you in fastening it securely in your hair with bobby pins.

Size: (Ornament) 8″ wide and 1-1/4″ tall.

5 / 5 stars     
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