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Caitlin Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace | Freshwater Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry

Caitin Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Product Information

Order Caitlin Pearl Necklace 1 @ $48.00


Our simple Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace Caitlin is beautiful. The Pearls are Freshwater Pearls, Oval or Rice Pearls in Shape and are interspersed with small Sterling Silver Rings. This is exactly the perfect bridesmaid gift! When you give a pearl necklace as a bridesmaid gift, you know it will be appreciated. You also know that your gift of jewelry will be worn over and over again by your friends. Real Pearls create fine jewelry, whether it be everyday jewelry or bridal jewelry. Girls love pearls!… It’s true. and there’s nothing like a pearl necklace in your jewelry wardrobe as that “go-to” necklace whenever you’re going out.

Caitlin Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace

Caitlin Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace

If you’re looking for Simple Bridal Jewelry, you can’t find a more beautiful necklace.

Pearl Beach Bridesmaid Necklace

As a Beach Bridesmaid Necklace, this Freshwater Pearl Necklace couldn’t be more perfect. It’s handmade jewelry and has a simple elegant look. It belongs at the beach as much as it belongs in church. We have the matching Caitlin Bracelet, so you can very easily make a bridesmaid jewelry set of Caitlin, and create a splendid Handmade Bridesmaid jewelry gift. We also show a Bracelet of 3 Strands of Freshwater Pearls, made just like Caitlin. With 3 strands, we call the bracelet Savanna. All of these bracelets are perfect for Beach Bridal Jewelry or Destination Weddings. You can see their photos attached to this posting.

Pearl Flower Girl Necklace & Bracelet

In a Smaller Size, this handmade Necklace and Bracelet Set is Simple Bridal Jewelry and the Perfect Elegant Look for your Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids. It’s Jewelry that they’ll have forever. Just let us know that you want to order it for them and we’ll give you a quote. As we’ll use less materials, the price will be lower for the smaller sizes.

Bridesmaid Jewelry Set

Make a Bridesmaid Jewelry Set by putting our Caitlin Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace with the Matching Pearl Bridesmaid Bracelet Caitlin. Remember that we give 10% discounts on your bridesmaid’s orders of 5 or more of any piece of jewelry. Caitlin is a Perfect Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace to Start your Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets with!

Caitlin Freshwater Pearl Bridesmaid Bracelet

Caitlin Freshwater Pearl Bridesmaid Bracelet

This Pearl Bridesmaid Necklace Can be Customized.
Custom Bridal Jewelry

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