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Bridal Pear Shaped CZ Drop Earrings Lola

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These CZ Drop Bridal Earrings are the Ultimate in Bridal Bling!

Our Bridal Accessory:

Order Lola Pear CZ Earring 1 @ $85.00

CZ Drop Earrings

These CZ Drop Earrings are the Ultimate in Bridal Bling! Our Lola Pear Shaped CZ Bridal Earrings are Wonderful Bridal Accessories. These Pear Shaped earrings are 1 3/4″ in height. They feature a double frame, each with inlaid Cubic Zirconia. There’s a Matching Lola Pendant.

Lola CZ Pendant

Lola CZ Pendant

Bridal CZ Drop Earrings Lola

Lola CZ Bridal Earrings

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