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How to Pick Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids

Jewelry for Your Bridesmaids

The right jewelry can finish a look, making every dress look chic, so, how to pick jewelry for your bridesmaids becomes an important task. Most brides have their wedding jewelry picked out shortly after choosing a dress, but what about bridesmaids accessories? Who should choose their jewelry you or they? Follow these fews simple “do’s” and “don’ts”, and we’ll help you select a beautiful wedding day look for all of the members of your wedding party.

Roxanne Double strand Pearl Bracelet

Roxanne Double strand Pearl Bracelet


Allow some say or choice by your bridesmaids, or by your maid or honor. You might include them when you browse the photos of an online catalog, so everyone can get an idea of what you like, and have their say-so. If most of your bridesmaids love a particular style that you like too, then you might veer towards that styling.

You might give each bridesmaid the same necklace, and different earrings, allowing each girl to express their personal style.. that might work too! But remember that the jewelry must coordinate together, and with their dresses. It must make your bridesmaids happy, and look pretty. Keep all the metal the same color, Keep all the pearls and/or crystals the same color too., but mixing the styles will create visual interest. Make sure you help them choose the styles if you’re allowing them to choose their own though! You want a nice mix, not a mess of a mix! If mixing styles, Do purchase the jewelry with at least 4-6 weeks to play with it, before your wedding date. This way, you have time for each bridesmaid to try the jewelry and dress on together to make exchanges and changes if necessary. Remember, it is YOUR Day, and Your wedding Day Dream and Vision.

Very often, the simplest jewelry will work the best. Letting the styling of each girl’s dress show out is nice. And, when the jewelry you give each girl will be worn after the wedding day, as everyday jewelry, it’s usually a nicer bridesmaid gift. Think when you select, Will your bridesmaids wear the pieces again, or will your jewelry gift sit in a jewelry box forever? Because everyone will be happier if you choose pieces that can be worn for years to come. If you choose the right jewelry for your bridesmaids, it will not only help everyone look their best, but your girlfriends will really know that you appreciated them taking part in your special day each time they wear the jewelry.

Pearl and CZ Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Dara

Pearl and CZ Bridesmaid Jewelry Set Dara


Don’t go crazy, and don’t go overboard. The jewelry and other bridesmaid accessories you choose should be in balance with your bridesmaid’s dresses, and you certainly don’t want your best friends and relatives looking more done up than you! To make certain that they don’t outshine you, and that you don’t overdo their look, stick with one or two pieces of bridesmaid jewelry, and you should be good to go.

Please, don’t skip on bridesmaid jewelry and accessories altogether. Even if your budget and time may be low… and the hassle of choosing jewelry may be really annoying, when all is said and done, the right jewelry will make a big difference in the end. It will make all your bridesmaids have “that finished look”, a polished, upscale appearance. And, wedding etiquette and modern customs and trends now state that the right thing to do is to purchase bridesmaid jewelry for your bridesmaid gifts for their helping you with the wedding. This also gives you the edge in controlling how everyone will look and what they wear for your wedding! A simple set like Dara, below is a perfect Bridesmaid Jewelry Set.

Don’t allow your bridesmaids to choose their own wedding party jewelry, unless you are there. They may look for a certain color, a certain metal, but you don’t want to be put in a position of telling your best friend that they cannot wear the jewelry that they chose or purchased.

Don’t let the bridesmaid jewelry or accessories steal the show.

Remember to Have a Beautiful Wedding, and Choose Beautiful Jewelry for Yourself!

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