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Jewelry Care


Wedding Jewelry Designs strives to provide high quality jewelry that will be worn and enjoyed for years. We recommend the following as best care practices for your jewelry pieces:

  • Handmade Bridal Jewelry is very delicate, so Please handle it gently.  Our pieces are handcrafted and are considerably more delicate then mass produced jewelry.  If you tug at earrings or necklaces to remove them, you may pull them out of shape – So, Never Tug- Gently remove Jewelry.  Wrap Necklaces or Clasp before Storing to prevent them from tangling.
  •  Use a tarnish-resistant plastic bag to store each jewelry piece separately. This will slow tarnishing of the silver.  This is a good idea even though we use argentium silver for our primary
    Silver metal, which tarnishes very, very slowly.   
  • Sterling Silver and Crystal Jewelry (chain and ear wires) can be cleaned with Silver Jewelry Cleaners, but you only need to dip for 1-2 seconds to brighten them.  Rinse thoroughly with water and then buff very gently if absolutely necessary.  It’s not a good idea to dip your Silver Jewelry that is made with Pearls into these cleaners, as the cleaner might strip the luster from the pearls.  You could however, use a soft toothbrush with the cleanser on just the silver, (avoiding the pearls as much as possible) and then rinse well with water.
  • There are jewelry cleaners made especially for Gold filled metal jewelry.  You might also soak your gold filled jewelry in hot water adding a small amount of bleach-free powder detergent. Rinse well with water, and your gold filled jewelry will look new again..
  • Clean Gemstones with mild soapy water and a soft brush.  Wipe pearls with a soft cloth.  Pearls Love to be worn! – They actually need your body’s oils to keep their luster.
  • Put jewelry on after applying body lotions, hair products, perfume, etc… And remove  your jewelry before exercise.
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