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Guide to Beach Wedding Jewelry & Beach Bride Jewelry


Beach wedding jewelry is perfect whenever you’re getting married on the beach, or getting married in a tropical setting. Having your wedding on a beautiful, exotic and tropical beach is wonderful and appealing to many brides.
Destination Beach Weddings are not traditional, but are more relaxed and casual.

veronica freshwater pearl necklace

veronica freshwater pearl necklace

Simple Beach Wedding Jewelry

Choosing simple beach wedding jewelry for your bridal accessories. That’s the key to the right beach bridal look. You want to achieve a more minimalist and unassuming low-key appearance. A more relaxed styling of dresses and wedding accessories for the bride and their bridesmaids applies. Your Beach Bride jewelry should look natural, graceful and effortless. It’s important to find accessories that show your personal style and which still make you feel like a gorgeous bride. Your accessories should look perfect with the natural surroundings of the beach, open air and water. All of Our Handmade Pearl Bridal Earrings and Handmade Pearl Wedding Necklaces and Bracelets are accessories that You Might Want to Choose. Our Handmade Bridal Jewelry is Often a Favorite for Beach Brides, as it is Less Formal than Mass Manufactured Jewelry.

Organic Jewelry

Consider organic jewelry for your beach wedding jewelry. You will find an array of earrings, bracelets and necklaces with organic materials in our catalog for your beach destination jewelry. Handmade Pearl Bridal Jewelry with freshwater pearls or mother of pearl is always organic jewelry by nature. The addition of seashells or starfish is ideal. Jewelry pieces that are inspired by nature will also look in place for your beach destination wedding.

Choose Pearls for Beach Wedding Jewelry

Veronica Multi Strand Freshwater Pearl Bridal Bracelet

Veronica Multi Strand Freshwater Pearl Bridal Bracelet

Pearls come from oysters from the sea. Pearl Bridal Jewelry is always a classic choice for bridal jewelry and bridesmaid’s jewelry. So Pearl Accessories for Brides and Bridesmaids are the absolutely perfect material to use in creating your wedding jewelry. Pearls will have a beautiful glow against your skin and they always look amazing with a tan! You can always add a bit of color to your Pearls and express your personal style.

You may find that round pearls may seem too formal at the beach. So, we recommend that you look to the other shapes of freshwater pearls for your beach wedding jewelry. Irregularly Shaped Pearls will have a more casual and informal look in Destination Wedding Jewelry. Some of these more naturally shaped pearls are coin pearls, keishi pearls, nugget pearls, potato pearls, etc. They are all perfect choices for beach destination wedding jewelry. If you are considering pearls for your bridal and bridesmaid jewelry, you will probably get more wear from pearl jewelry rather than from crystal bridal jewelry after the wedding! It will translate into everyday jewelry a bit more smootly.

Custom Beach Wedding Jewelry Colors

Nani Pearl Bridal Starfish Destination Wedding Earring

Nani Pearl Bridal Starfish Destination Wedding Earring

Many brides today add color to the traditional white or ivory wedding dress to express their personal style. It creates a unique look and adds to your styling. The Color can come from adding a sash or jewelry. The color in jewelry can easily be added in with Swarovski crystals, or gemstones. We think that using natural colors that are elemental to your surroundings work best at a beach wedding. We Suggest using shell colors of tan, soft peach and pink. We also love seeing the sea colors of aqua and teal or the hotter flower and coral colors of pinks and reds. All of these tones and colors look fabulous at the beach, as they will look tropical and work with a beach theme. Just putting on a beautiful blue or aqua bracelet will customize and personalize your beach bride jewelry, while adding the sea theme and bring the color into to your wedding wear.

Our Beach Wedding Jewelry

We hope our tips and suggestions will be helpful for you to choose your Beach Wedding Jewelry. If you need help selecting your beach bride accessories or beach jewelry for your bridesmaids, or would like information on a custom order, please contact Rika at Wedding Jewelry Designs for custom orders assistance.

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